SomeHelp  v.1 1

SomeHelp is free, simple IT help desk software which helps your IT team/support desk manage and administrate support calls from your own organisation's users or your customers.

Aren Register  v.4.0.1

Aren Register extends the functionality of Aren Payroll to include leave processing and support for structured, position-based organisations. It lets you specify the posts available in your organisation and then assign employees to these posts.


Vodca  v.4 3

VODCA is a software package specifically developed for the administration, organisation and analysis of multicentre clinical trials in radiotherapy.

Chronos-Fit  v.1.0

Chronos-Fit is a program for detection of rhythmic organisation in arbitrary data, which are recorded over a period in time. Originally it was developed for the evaluation of Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring (ABPM) data.

KMnet Admin  v.2.0

KMnet Admin is Kyocera's unified device management software that uses a web-based platform to give network administrators easy and uncomplicated control over every device in the organisation.

Rummage  v.Beta

Rummage combines file sharing, and distribution with organization and project management. The advanced document management features allows users to quickly access their data from anywhere. Rummage allows you to work from multiple locations.

RapidOne Server  v.2.0

Rapsyx' servers handle the share and backup functions of all RapidOne users across your organisation and act as the system's gateway to public mail systems and internet portals.

Databook  v.1.1.1

Databook is a cloud ready data web browser designed to enable data stakeholders to take ownership of the data and to spread the power over data throughout the organisation.

Club Manager  v.6.0.0062

Club Manager is an application for Windows PCs to manage the membership of a club or organisation.

Dashboard Discovery (Agent)  v.1. 5. 2005

Total visibility of your software assets is a good starting point for any organisation trying to establish a long-term Software Asset Management programme - Dashboard Discovery from Licence Dashboard Ltd is licence management software that tracks all

Profile  v.1 5

Profile is a Personnel Management System designed for the storage and reporting of information relating to employees, club members, students or any similar organisation. Information is presented in a tabbed notebook style interface allowing the

Hen Party Planning Free Ebook  v.1.0

Hen Party Planning and Organisation - free ebook shows how to plan organise and arrange and hen

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